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Sara Lois is a Welsh jeweller based on the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales.  She creates design-led jewellery collections that are contemporary interpretations of her Welsh inspirations.  With a purposeful disregard for trends, items are contemporary, simple, understated and timeless in design.  Defined by clean lines and an ethos of less is more.  Promoting true traditional craftsmanship and skill in combination with modern techniques such as laser engraving and 3D printing. 

Each item is hand crafted from the finest quality precious metals, natural rock such as Welsh slate and precious gemstones by Sara Lois herself, making every item that leaves the workshop unique to the wearer.  In addition to collection items she also specialises in completely bespoke items such as engagement and wedding rings.  Aiming to grab the attention of those looking for something that little bit out of the ordinary.  That element of bespoke which expresses perfectly an individual style or celebrates a special event or memory. 

The upmost care is put into the making of each item to ensure high quality.  Remembering that the value is not entirely in the materials but also in the history and story the item represents.